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Our Materials


This is the most common material we use for prints. Z-ABS is a Zortrax proprietary material and is only for use with our Zortrax M200 printers. ABS is generally stronger than its most common alternative, PLA. Although they are both categorised as general purpose plastics, ABS is a better fit for most applications. Some 3D printing services choose to use ABS simply because it is cheaper, compromising print quality for price. ABS also has high temperature resistance, making it ideal for temperature sensitive applications such as in some engineering projects.


Z-HIPS is a material which helps prevent warping and other print errors. It’s an excellent material for architectural models, low volume production runs and prints with large flat surface. This is because the model’s matte finish reduces the appearance of the FDM layers which can be quite apparent in other materials. Z-HIPS also reduces post processing time for most prints as it’s finish masks flaws and other print imperfections which would usually require extra post print finishing work.


Z-ULTRAT is another proprietary Zortrax material for use with our Zortrax printers. It’s excellent for models which need to stay durable and stable over time. Prototypes, mechanical parts and end use parts can all be made with Z-ULTRAT. Another interesting thing about ULTRAT is that it can be used to simulate the properties of elements made in injection molding, which makes it an excellent candidate to test parts before spending a lot of money on the injection molding process.

SLA Resin

SLA, also known as stereo lithography apparatus is a method of 3D printing that uses the same layer based approach as FDM but instead uses polymerisation to deposit material. SLA prints very fast, functional parts can be manufactured far faster that FDM. The resolution is also consistently higher in SLA prints. This is because the detail of the print is defined by the size of the laser point, which if course is far easier to make small than a FDM nozzle.