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The Order Process

Unlike other online 3D print companies, we will not make you wait around for a quote. Order a print right now through our system, just click that big button above. Here’s how it works,

  • Upload your .stl file and choose your material and colour
  • Receive a quote immediately
  • Enter your details and we will reply and accept your order within a matter of hours, not days. Use the email link sent to you to pay us.
  • Your print will be shipped in less than 3 days!

Our Pricing Structure

Vivid 3D have one of the simplest pricing structures of any 3D printing service out there.

  • £15 minimum fee
  • Sliced volume is charged at £0.70 per cm3
  • We offer postage to all areas of the UK. Postage cost will vary by location but will be charged at Royal mail rates, generally very reasonable. For larger orders or volume production, we may choose to use a 3rd party courier service.
  • The above rates are guaranteed for grey ABS prints. Other materials may be slightly more expensive due to the increased filament price. However all material prices will be clearly stated during the order process.