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3D Modelling Service

What We Do

3D modelling can cover quite a lot of applications, let us elaborate a little bit on what our specialities are.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling

3D modelling is simply converting a physical object into a 3D file that we can manipulate in a CAD programme. The 3D model will be made up of small geometric shapes such as cuboid or trapeziums. Once Vivid 3D have modelled your object for you, you can have it reproduced using one of our 3D printing services or using another manufacturing process such as injection molding.

Model Alterations

Model Alterations

Have an existing 3D model created by us or a third party that needs a slight change? We can provide you with model experts who can help.

3D Design

3D Design

Do you require an object designed from scratch? Vivid 3D has access to industry leading 3D designers with a vast array of design experience in multiple industries. Because of our modellers breadth of experience we are able to provide tailored solutions to your design problems.

Industry Specific Work

Industry Specific Work

Vivid 3D has access to a large number of industry specific 3D experts. From architectural renderers to consumer product experts. No matter what field of work you specialise in we should be able to design a solution to fit your need.

Why Use Vivid3D?


Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. If you want a 3D modelling company that will push your project through as fast as possible with no thought to quality please look elsewhere. We only work with 3D modellers who agree with our quality ethos so you are always assured of an end product you can be proud of.



Expert Advice

Vivid 3D realise that some of our clients might be new to 3D modelling, we appreciate this and we want to inform you of the best design decisions to make. An excellent model can only be produced if both the customer and the designer are committed to working together.



Tailored Solutions

We can provide 3D modelling services to help you bring whatever dream you might have into reality, this could be for prototyping, model customisation or even just making sure your original model is optimised for 3D printing. Contact us today.

Simple Quotes

We don’t believe in beating around the bush when it comes to pricing. That’s why we always provide either a straightforward hourly rate for projects or a one time fee. The type of quote you receive will be based on the scope and content of a task. Get in contact today.



Simple Consultation Process

When you contact us, a 3D modelling expert will read your email and contact you back usually within an hour during working hours, (830am-6pm weekdays.) The expert will assess the nature of your project and give you a quote for the project. You will then be referred to one of our modeller who will begin work on your project and explore the task more in depth.



UK Wide Service

We provide 3D modelling services to any individual or company based in the UK. Modern communication technology makes it easy to talk to our clients wherever they are and we don’t see any reason to restrict ourselves to a small area when we have quality services that can compete on a UK wide market.