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The UK’s Local 3D Printing Service.


3D Printing Services

We provide a large range of 3D printing services to satisfy all kind of different applications. Many different materials are available, enquire today and a specialist will be able to advise you of the perfect solution for your print.

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Immediate Quote

Get a quote right now for your 3D print. Unlike other print providers, have a simple price formula so you will never be left wondering why a small print can end up costing so much money. Bringing a digital file to life should not be a painful process. Try our 3D printing service today.

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3D Modelling Services

If you aren’t sure exactly how to prepare your model file for printing, we can help you out. Our skilled CAD designers will be able to tweak your model so that your 3D print is produced as well as possible. We are also able to reverse engineer models or create brand new ones so contact us now.

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“We provide 3D printing and modelling services to all kinds of businesses and consumers. We are passionate about our craft, detail and accuracy are high on our list of priorities. We will not do anything to compromise the quality of your end product and while sometimes this might make us slightly more expensive than alternatives we believe it is more than worth it. “

Our SLA Printers

SLA allows us to create 3D models using polymerization. This is a fancy term which desribes a process whereby material can be hardened when it comes in contact with a beam of light. SLA printing can be very detailed due to the strong, small point of focus of the beam. SLA is great for printing irregular shapes or shapes that would otherwise be unprintable on traditional FDM printers.

Our FDM Printers

Our FDM printers can print models to a accuracy of 90 microns, this is just under 0.01 millimetres, meaning we can provide excellent print detail. This makes our 3d printing service perfect for anyone that requires a very high standard of print. You may find some other 3D printing bureaus offering cheaper or quicker services but please realise that this comes at a cost. We believe in never compromising print quality.

What We Do

In 2016, 3D printing is quite an expansive industry, let us elaborate a little bit on what our specialities are



Fused deposition modeling is one of the most popular methods of 3D printing, it’s cheaper than SLA, along with being more environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use any resin and is in general far less messy.

Post Processing

Post Processing

Post processing is an essential part of our 3D printing service. Removing support and finishing models can be quite tricky you don’t know what you’re doing. Allow us to help.

Low Volume Production Runs

Low Volume Production Runs

For low scale production (<1000), FDM ends up being cheaper due to the absence of molds and the expensive fixed costed associated with traditional injection molding.



Due to the fast turnaround, Our 3D printing service is ideal for rapidly prototyping new products. You could create 3+ iterations of a product in  the same time period it would take to manufacture one with traditional technologies.

Why Use Vivid3D?


Quick Turn Around

We aim to have the majority of orders manufactured within 3 days. Obviously this will be longer for production runs or very intricate parts. We have most popular materials in stock, however if you desire something slightly out of the ordinary we may need to order it in.



Expert Advice

We realise that a lot of our clients might be new to 3D printing with little or no experience of the technology, because of this having experts on hand through out the process to answer any of the your questions is very important.



Tailored Solutions

We can provide 3D modelling services to help you bring whatever dream you might have into reality, this could be for prototyping, model customisation or even just making sure your original model is optimised for 3D printing. Contact us today.

Accurate Instant Quotes

Our order system is completely integrated with 3D hubs so that you get instant quotes 24hrs a day. See our Order Now page for information on our pricing.



Simple Order Process

Simply upload your .stl or .obj file, choose your material and printing process and receive an immediate quote. We will usually accept your order in a matter of hours and we will email you a link to pay and confirm your order. Now, all you have to do is wait a couple days for your object to arrive!



UK Wide Shipping

We usually ship with Royal Mail just because of how reliable we have found them to be in the past. We can provide couriered overnight shipping if you request it in advance. Please give us a reasonable amount of time to organise this service if you require it.

Great print quality and overall an excellent level of service and communication. I hope to print again with Vivid3D in the future.

– Ed Magee

My second order with Vivid3D, really happy with how everything turned out again. Many thanks.

– Cameron Hall

James provided a good print, an excellent service with a great speed!

– @federico3

Architectural Models

For architects we can provide an accurate, detailed scale model of your projects, helping your clients get a tangible feel for the end product. Architectural scale models are also helpful pitching aids for new projects, great at helping you really bring your design to life for your potential clients or investors. The 3D scale model will help your clients better understand your plans for the project, we know clients aren’t always schooled in architectural design and a model  can really help them better understand your vision for their project. Contact us today to bring your design to life!


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is quickly becoming a key part of many manufacturing timelines. Compared to traditional injection molding, additive manufacturing allows for a far faster, more detailed and most importantly a less costly prototyping experience. Vivid 3D can produce multiple prototypes at a fraction of the cost a single prototype would cost traditionally. Our 3D printing services are designed for businesses just like yours who need fast prototype iterations at very short notice. We understand what you need out of the process and our mission is to make you as satisfied as possible with the end result. Contact Us for a Prototype Quote Today.

Consumer 3D Printing Service

Not a business? We can cater to you to! Using our 3D printing service we can print an infinite number of designs and have them ready for dispatch in less than 3 days. Download a model file from an online model repository such as shapeways, etsy(add more), send it to us, our in house experts will analyse the model and have it manufactured for you. Do you design your own models? We can still help! Our experts can advise you on the best practice methods of modelling for the purpose of 3D printing. There are quite a few small nuances in the 3D printing process that can cause problems with the final print if models are not designed properly for 3D printing in the first place. Get in touch today for personalised advice on your project.

Design Services

Don’t have in house design capabilities? let us help. We have access to a team of experienced 3D designers capable of helping you to bring your dream into reality. 3D design doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process, we can help you quickly iterate on your designs until you have a marketable product. Vivid 3D are focused on achieving the best end product for all of our customers, weather you only require project prototypes or you want to bring a project from conception all the way through to mass market; we can help every step of the way. If you are interested in small volume production services or design services please get in contact today.